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Tutorial - How to Capture Video in Free Hand Mode?

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Free Webcam Capture is an ideal tool to record your webcam and screen activity to make software demonstrations, develop videos for training. You can just move the mouse cursor to select the recording region according to your demands.

Select Recording Region

Step 1. Select Recording Region

Click the "Select region" drop-down menu to check the "Region stable - free hand mode".

Choose File Folder

Step 2. Choose File Folder

Click "Open Folder" or "Select..." button to select a location on your computer's hard drive to save your videos.

Select Recording Region

Step 3. Select Recording Region

Click "Audio Video Options" button to specify the audio/video settings. Choose the video codecs from its drop-down list and drag the slider to specify the video output quality. If needed, click "Configure" to set compress mode. Check "Audio record" if you want to record the audio and then set audio format, audio input and sound volume.

Select Recording Region

Click "Filter Effects" to add effects like brightness, contrast, darkness, saturation, etc. to make the recording more animated and interactive.

Select Recording Region

Click the round button to switch preview on/off. You can also click "Audio record" button to switch audio recording on/off. To show/hide the cursor activity, click the button of "Record cursor". To add an overlay, superimposing a picture to the recording, click "More Settings & Info - Add overlay image" and then click "Select..." to choose an image from your computer. In "Misc" you can also choose recording region appearance as rectangle or corners, minimize the recorder before recording and restore it after recording.

Start Recording

Step 4. Start Recording

When everything is set, initiate a webcam chat you want to record and click "Start Record". Move the cursor until the area or window highlighted. Click "Ctrl + Enter" to specify the recording region. The recording is started and there's a flashing rectangle around the recording region. If you want to temporarily stop the recording, click "Pause" while "Full Stop" to stop and store it.

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